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Well, here you go. The CDs arrived Friday, this weekend I got up early every day to put the packages together, and this morning I’ll drop them all off at the post office. What’s not shipping today are t-shirts and songbooks. Those will go out later this week or the first of next week. Mostly, just waiting for the shirts to arrive. Feel free to dance…I have!

Wow…just wow!
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It’s been some time since I’ve posted an update here. I have been updating my Kickstarter

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page since that’s where the activity has been happening for the past month. Now, with the CD project nearly finished I’m moving a lot of information back to the blog. So, what’s been happening?

Well, the CD is almost done. All recording is completed and we’re down to mixing. I got to tell you, was there ever a lot of great performances captured during our five days of recording. I think the final total was just over 40 hours of studio time! The band was amazing, we captured some killer vocals (thank you!) and I really can’t wait to share. As of this writing we are expecting to ship for manufacturing towards the end of June. That means I should have the CD in my hands mid- to late-July.

In addition to the actual recording there is also all the legalities and side projects. Copyrights have all been filed and paid for, the ASCAP title registrations are done, and all the performers have signed their releases. Our artwork is getting done (should have a report later today) and once the CD art is done the t-shirt art will be close behind. I’m going to be working with publicists to help with getting the word out and developing some press to support the project, and you can expect some news of the CD Release Party variety soon. Just working on the venue and scheduling the band next week.

So many decisions …

There are a couple of performances coming up that I wanted to let you know about. First, tomorrow, Friday June 15, I will be appearing at the Curious Comedy Theater with the “Time Out!” Rad Dad’s Show. This is always a great show and I hope you can make it. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are available online at www.curiouscomedy.org

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Saturday June 23rd we will be hosting Steve Key at the Lighthouse Concert Series. Steve is a great pro-songwriter with several cuts to his name. He’s just released a new CD and will be doing a show at our home from 7pm until we kick him out! Send me an email for the details. It’s a great opportunity to see an amazing songwriter in an intimate setting. Just $15 and it all goes to the artist. If you’d like to join us send me an email.

On Monday July 16 I will be opening a concert at the Doverlaff House Concerts in Portland. I’m really looking forward to this one since I will be opening for two of my favorite folk poets, Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin. We’ve hosted Danny and Carrie at the Lighthouse and now I’m going to open for them at Dan Dover and Cheryl Mitzlaff’s great garden venue. This will be the first performance where I might even have some CDs to sell! Go to http://doverlaffhouseconcerts.org/

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 to RSVP.

And remember, I’m also at Columbia View Park in Saint Helens every Thursday for the 13 Nights on the River concert series. I don’t perform, but I do work the sound system and occasionally emcee. It’s a great music series and always a lot of fun. Music starts at 6pm and runs to 9pm each Thursday night. www.13nightsontheriver.com

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That’s it for now. I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer!


Just stuff a rag in it…
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Ocean Springs, MS

As a salvage master I got used to making things gone wrong go right. Doing dangerous things as safely as possible. I’m not kidding, exaggerating, or embellishing when I say that I’ve been on over 200 sinking or sunk boats. About 100 of those were during an eight week stint in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. You know how life has some defining moments? That was one of mine. Eight weeks of hard labor in horrible conditions, 16-18 hour days, all away from the comforts of home. But when you’re surrounded by people who have lost everything it’s hard to complain about clean clothes and cold meals. I can honestly say I’ve never been a part of a more rewarding group effort, and I don’t expect that any other group effort I undertake will ever compare.

Working in a group is a different dynamic. I’m a bit of a loner and even when I’ve worked in big organizations the jobs I’ve done have typically been solitary in nature. I’ve always worked best that way, but respected that there are things that can only be accomplished by a collective. People can bring a multitude of skills that no one person can possess. And, even if one person could do it all, the end result of a team dynamic has a certain life that a solo project could never achieve.

With all that said, want to meet the band? I took these at our Sunday rehearsal.

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On the left that’s Timmer Blakely, our producer and bassist. In the middle is Sean O’Conner providing some silky licks on the guitar, slide guitar, and mandola (not a typo, it’s a mandola!). The picture is accurate; Sean always looks a little blurry. Don Shultz is on the “pots and pans” with an occasional wood block thrown in. Never did find a place for a cowbell.

Can’t wait for you to hear it!

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